3 Realms of Chaos

The FOTA universe is made up of three different realms, linked by portals built by the earliest and most ancient civilizations. The realms are inhabited by different races.

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Common to Legendary

Upgrade your items and give your heroes access to special abilities with powerful enhancements

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Grounds of conflict and contest

Unique creatures in different lands will try everything to stop the step of our heroes. Fight for your glory and conquer other lands. Will you hesitate? Or will you keep pushing forward to claim your treasures?

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GameplayEndless battles
Try out various modes to win great rewards.


Go on an adventure and find out the truth behind three realms

Duel battles

Test your power with other players to show the true potential of your team with different tactics.

Fota seasons

Become the top player of the season and receive exquisite rewards.

Fota Championship

Join in the tournament and show them who’s the best.
Q1/2021Milestone 1completed
Create Game Design Document.Done
Develop a Prototype for the game.Done
Business Analysis.Done
Q2/2021Milestone 2completed
Audit Smart Contract tokens on Mainnet by Certik & Hacken.Done
Release the Whitepaper & Pitchdeck.Done
Release the Landing Page.Done
Release the Marketplace.Done
Release Heroes.Done
Release Common,Race,Epic and Legendary Items.Done
Seed Sale.Done
Strategic Sale.Done
Q1/2022Milestone 3completed
Private Sale.Done
Release New Heroes.Done
Release FOTALand.Done
Release the Alpha/Beta.Done
Release New Heroes.Done
Q2/2022Milestone 4completed
NFT Sale.Done
PancakeSwap Listing. Done
Release Hybrid Farming.Done
CEX Listing.Done
Release New Heroes.Done
Release Candidate.Done
Q3/2022Milestone 5completed
Launch Official Gameplay.Done
Release New Heroes.Done
Release new functions.Done
Update UI/UXDone
Update Version 1.0.1Done
Q4/2022Milestone 6ongoing
Release new Game Modes:Done
Submission SystemTraining RoomPvP - FOTA Season (Free to Earn)PvP - The Championship (Free to Earn)PvP - Duel Battle
Engage in Brand CollaborationDone
Update UI/UXDone
Redesign FOTA WebsiteDone
Host eSports TournamentsDone
Launch FOTA Mobile VersionDone
Optimize gas feesDone
Launch Crafting FeatureDone
Release New Heroes and Items.Done